15 New Posts Today, 9.14.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page highlights today:  big data, the struggles to harness and use effectively  —  business intelligence tools and how-to  —  API information models   —  human resources takeaways in careers article  —  communications, includes an article that details the effective Apple announcement and why it was a successful communication  —  apps and free tools must-haves for entrepreneurs  —  M&A governance from Harvard Law  —  social era from HBR  —  the digital edition link to CFO Magazine provides many great read articles  —  software and the cloud from a CTOs perspective   —  and, as usual, there is always more topics in today’s offerings … please explore these and the archives of over 9,000 posts.

AND, you will note I found 3 articles in neuroscience  …..  one of my favorites “why we do what we do” and “why we are who we are”  …   as you know if you have been here before.  🙂    One of these articles, by the way, warns you of the hype and scams now abounding around the subject of neuroscience in business …… okay, probably, but I believe and use documented success, so, weed through the good versus the bad!!

The GUEST POST page and the INFOGRAPHICS page both have good updates this week.   Check them both!

If you missed it, I added an RSS link near bottom of middle column for our daily “chuckle”  NoiseSignals  —  laughing is great medicine!

Everyone everywhere enjoy all and have a great weekend.




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