How Working To Build A Business Can Wear You Down

Guest Post by Obi Orgnot

It’s natural to want to have a major hand in the growth of your business, but if you are the only one that’s taking an active role in doing so, you can quickly become both overworked and overwhelmed. Those feelings lead to nothing but stress and the likelihood of your business failing.

If you are one of those people that is doing all of the work for your business and are starting to feel the strain, then it’s time to look at the business plan that you have in place. That is of course assuming that you even had a plan or strategy to begin with.

Far too many business owners use the excuse that they simply can’t afford to bring anyone into the fold to help, or that it’s not worth the added expense given that their current employees just aren’t pulling their weight. What you need to understand is that you don’t need more people to help you grow.

There is in fact a way to expand and grow your business in a way that is different from anything you already know.

What that adds up to is taking your business in a direction so that you can meet the needs, expectations, and perceived preferences of every person that your business touches, and in a way that exceeds that of your competitors.  In order to achieve that, you need to provide that level of satisfaction to customers, clients, affiliates, outsourcers, employees, and anyone else that you engage in business with.    Your ultimate goal is a business that everyone wants to see succeed.

One of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs is designing a business that caters to their own needs at the expense of everyone else. If you set up your business plan in a way that means that you will be the only one that truly reaps the benefits, you shouldn’t be surprised when all of the work ends up falling into your lap.

To make matters worse, when you are forced into that sort of arrangement, all you end up with is a business that owns you rather than the other way around.

In order to break the cycle of everything that concerns your business being done alone, you have to fully understand how your business can thrive when all the people mentioned earlier want you to succeed. If you can do that, you might just start to comprehend the business gem you are holding.

Take a moment to think about how much more successful your business would be, and how quickly you could achieve positive growth if everyone had a genuine interest in seeing you succeed.

Really take the time to imagine the boost that your business would receive if super affiliates and your biggest joint-venture partners both really pushed your products. Imagine how it would be if prospect listened to what you had to say and hung on every word, leading them to pass on your message to thousands of potential customers. Then imagine that the customers who bought into your message consistently returned to buy from you and referred all of their friends as well.    Finally, imagine how good it would feel to have employees and outsourcers looking to work with you and you alone.

The possibilities for your business are endless if you could turn those dreams into reality. The question is whether or not you are prepared to put that plan into place or settle for doing everything yourself whilst reaping the negative consequences.

Don’t make the mistake of telling yourself that it can’t be done, because the fact is that it already has. You can takea business that had virtually ground to a complete halt and transform it into a $7.4 million business in just 12 short months. That’s not just a one-off either, as hundreds of other clients have achieved similar results.

If you are looking for a shortcut that will skyrocket your business revenues in a short amount of time, then it’s time to re-design the way in which you do business.

Author Bio: Obi Orgnot: Founder and CEO, OrgNot Ltd. Author of the Exponential Growth Manual. As a social entrepreneur he helps small businesses to grow through his company’sdigitalmarketing service.


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