The Rise of “Shareholder Value” and Its Unintended Consequences

This looks like it will be a good series on governance and how did we get here from there.  For all leadership and managment

Excerpt:  I’m going to offer some views on how multiple causes, all of them well-intentioned, came together to create a “broken culture,” and I suspect the lessons from the financial sector can be applied more widely. For me, it all seems to be a story of unintended consequences, which makes our current situation more of a tragedy than a conspiracy.

The factors that caused the decline in the financial sector, which I will further elaborate on throughout this series, include:
The rise of the “shareholder value” movement
Changes in the nature of finance sector
The impact of benchmarking approaches
The rise of stock based compensation plans
The rise of the “superstar” CEO
Why regulation on it’s own doesn’t work
Enterprises as educational institutions
How it all fits together

Read full article in series via The Rise of “Shareholder Value” and Its Unintended Consequences | Governance Center Blog.

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