Leadership and Emotional Contagion

Another learning article for all leadership and management.   Emotions are as contagious as a virus in the workplace.  Therefore, learning to manage yours and others emotions are important leadership lessons.

Excerpt:  “Employees are not emotional islands. Rather, they continuously spread their own moods and receive and are influenced by others’ moods. When they work in groups, they literally can catch each others’ emotions like viruses, a phenomenon known as emotional contagion.” Wharton @ Work, University of Pennsylvania

In the past decade, there has been an important finding in neuroscience that should impact on how every leader leads – emotions are contagious.

One aspect of the research has been to examine the emotional impact of “bosses” on those who work for them – the power of mood to spread and “infect” others. “It is one of the most robust phenomena I have ever seen,” said University of New Hampshire researcher, Richard Saavedra, and it’s all unconscious.”

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