8 Key Insights from a Social Media Masterclass

In our evolving state of how-to social media, this article is more information in the category of ‘what we know so far and what we can do with what we now know’.  Marketing, advertising and sales.

Excerpt:  The key to successful social media is measurement. If we can understand who is picking up our brand messaging, and sharing it, then we can refine, re-tune, improve, win etc. It’s obvious. The problem, however, is that most social media measurement involves unpleasant compromises.

Even though the huge publicity around the Radian 6 acquisition by Salesforce.com gives the impression that we’ve passed a watershed in measurement, the reality is quite different. And yet the future of companies like Salesforce, Facebook and more depend on getting this right.

Read full article via 8 Key Insights from a Social Media Masterclass – Forbes.


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  1. I completely agree. I think that it is very important to know what you are trying to advertise, sell, or market to the public to be able to successfully make your brand known. This is a great article that gives a sort of timeline of how this came to be. Thanks for sharing!