Funny Signs from Around the World

Okay, this is not directly useful for your daily challenges —  except that nothing beats laughter.  Some of these signs in the 33 slides are REALLY funny!  If you have some time, do take a look!  Miscellaneous news and humor

Excerpt:   Sometimes the humor comes in the use (or lack) of questionable punctuation, such as one sign that reads caution pedestrians slippery when wet. A couple of commas would clarify that it is not, in fact, the pedestrians that are slippery when wet. (We hope.)

Others are intentionally funny, like one posted to deter would-be parking violators from taking a reserved spot: air will be taken out of tires and license plates removed from unauthorized parkers. If that doesn’t stop you, nothing will. In Beijing, meanwhile, a road sign shows friendly, cartoon-like cops and suggests that traffic tickets will be served with a smile.

Check out the slides pictures of funny signs via Funny Signs from Around the World – Articles | Travel + Leisure.


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