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I doubt anyone would argue with this point  —  we are all still looking for best practices in the evolution of Big Data metrics and utilization.  For all leadership and management

Excerpt:  Big data is great. But we should consider that we’ve actually had more data than we can reasonably use for a while now. Just on the marketing front, it isn’t uncommon to see reports overflowing with data and benchmarks drawn from millions of underlying data points covering existing channels like display, email, website, search, and shopper/loyalty — and new data streams such as social and mobile engagement, reviews, comments, ratings, location check-ins and more.

In contrast to this abundant data, insights are relatively rare. Insights here are defined as actionable, data-driven findings that create business value. They are entirely different beasts from raw data. Delivering them requires different people, technology, and skills — specifically including deep domain knowledge. And they’re hard to build.

Even with great data and tools, insights can be exceptionally tough to come by

Read full article via Metrics Are Easy; Insight Is Hard – Irfan Kamal – Harvard Business Review.


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