When Did Yoda Start Writing CEO Speeches? – HBR

I loved this article — as you know, if you have frequented this site often, I love wordsmiths and well written content, but will readily admit to being guilty of all author mentions and more in crucifying construct.     I always want to minimize the content to the least number of words possible — sort of a very bad shorthand communications.  For all leadership and management

Excerpt:  We invent jargon, rely heavily on clichés, repeat catchphrases endlessly, and restart sentences three or four times before finding a way to finish them. And to paraphrase Schopenhauer, every generation ridicules the other ones, and they are all right. Millennials think their elders speak in a lifeless monotone (think Ben Stein), and we think they use upspeak way too much. But for some reason, nothing pains me as much as the backloaded business sentence.

Read full short article via When Did Yoda Start Writing CEO Speeches? – Andrew McAfee – Harvard Business Review.


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