9 New Posts Today, 9.25.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page features leadership and management tools to use for better communications, team building, team report structuring  —  and don’t miss advice on today’s  leadership and management challenges are different  —  sales promotions; weighing when and how much, protecting your brand  — the use and abuse of shareholder power is provided from Harvard Law  —  challenges and growth in global retail, India  —  plus more topics to explore in current, recent and archive posts.

I hope you didn’t miss the other new posts over the weekend — check out  GUEST POST page and INFOGRAPHICS page.

Enjoy all!

It is hard to believe that in just a few days we are into the 4th and final Quarter of 2012.  I hope you have started your list of to-do, or maybe you are way ahead of most of us and are already working on the tasks you must do before year end 2012.  If you are, Kudos to you!



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