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With all the articles on Big Data, especially this year, if you haven’t heard of the new expert, Data Scientist, you will.   This article gives you some insight into what is a data scientist and why you will need them.  Data mining, data management, information technology

Excerpt:  There are some great articles about big data and analytics in the current issue of HBR, and I am happy to have co-authored one of them with DJ Patil, one of the world’s first practicing data scientists. In fact, data scientists are what our article is about. I would argue that they are the most important resource for capitalizing on big data. While there is a lot of Hadoopalooza in the technology press about the tools for managing big data, and they are wonderful, it’s also true that they are a) widely available, and b) mostly free. Neither can be said of data scientists. The other necessary resource, massive quantities of data, can also be found on every virtual corner these days. If your customers have internet access, for example, you’ve got big data.

Simply put, you can’t do much with big data without data scientists. They are the magicians who transform an inchoate mass of bits into a fit subject for analysis. God may have been the first to produce order out of chaos, but data scientists do it too, admittedly on a smaller scale. They can suck data out of a server log, a telecom billing file, or the alternator on a locomotive, and figure out what the heck is going on with it. They create new products and services for customers. They can also interface with carbon-based lifeforms — senior executives, product managers, CTOs, and CIOs. You need them.

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