Forrest Breyfogle on Taking Six Sigma to the Next Level

This is a re issue of a podcast that is definitely worth your time.  The tips and how-to included in the podcast are valuable to all small business owners in transitioning to today’s challenges.  Leadership and management tools

Excerpt:  Problem-solving or assessment methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or ISO may not provide a business framework so that organizations can move toward achieving the three Rs of business: everybody doing the Right Things the Right Way at the Right Time.

In The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: An Enhanced, Unified Approach to Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Planning, and Business Improvement , Forrest Breyfogle introduces a new organizational governance system that integrates analytics with innovation. The IEE system shows business leaders what to measure and report; when and how to report it; how to interpret and use the results to establish goals; how to orchestrate work activities; and how to develop strategies that is consistent with established goals. These strategies ultimately lead to specific projects that enhance organizational focus and success.

Download podcast here via Forrest Breyfogle on Taking Six Sigma to the Next Level.  From American Management Association


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