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Good advice as we all trudge through the evolution of data management and data utilization of Big Data for the ultimate best practices tips to help our small businesses.

Excerpt:  One can’t help being impressed with the effort biologists, physicists, and other scientists devote to data quality. From careful design of experiments and data collection processes, to explicit definition of terms, to comprehensive efforts to ensure the data are correct, no effort is spared. This is not surprising. After all, data are the lifeblood of science.

Increasingly, data are also the lifeblood of business and government. And the attention science pays to data quality provides important lessons, especially for those interested in “Big Data.”

Simply put, bad data make everything about Big Data — from discovering something truly novel, to building a product or service around that discovery, to monetizing the discovery — more difficult. The two most important problems are:

The data are poorly defined, leading to incorrect interpretations.

The data are simply wrong, incomplete, or out-of-date, leading to problems throughout.

Read full article via How to Repair Your Data – Thomas C. Redman – Harvard Business Review.


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