How to ‘Digitally & Socially’ Win Over Your Legal – Regulatory Team

The article contains good advice and steps to follow for not only the healthcare industry but many of the steps equally translate into best practices for other industries as well.

Excerpt:  This afternoon’s article provides some top tips in order to maintain a happy working relationship with your legal and regulatory teams, particularly when it comes to implementing social media communities.

Social media in the pharmaceutical industry continues to generate a great deal of interest, discussion and debate – creating unintentional, adversarial relationships for brand marketers. For brands that decide to move forward with a social media concept, gaining legal / regulatory approval can be a significant hurdle. In this article, we will examine three ways that brand teams can better collaborate with their regulatory counterparts in the review and approval process, and succeed in bringing their social media communications to life.

1. Packaging your social media concept for legal / regulatory success

When approaching your legal / regulatory team with a social media concept, you will need to help them understand the framework of the campaign you are developing, and the business rationale behind it

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