12 New Posts Today, 10.1.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page highlights today:  brands, content, marketing, SEO tips and how-to  —  10 entrepreneur documentaries is a recommended read  —  IT collaboration, teams and explanation of the 8 fields model (can also be used in other areas, not just IT) and utilization of the Kirkpatrick model, plus more information on best practices for Big Data  —  here is a great idea; run a small charity by piggybacking, thus avoiding tax compliance issues  —  Harvard Law today  includes studies on empty voting tactics  —  and today there is more to explore in current, recent and archives as usual.

The San Francisco Bay Area is having a heat wave with temperatures between 85 and 103.  Thank heavens this is rare, but when it happens you are always reminded just how ill prepared you are for such temperatures if you live here.  Missing is our clean cool sea breeze  —   the air today is positively chunky with particles, pollens and other stuff.   I keep reminding myself, look on the bright side.  So, heat waves here are rare, we should be back to clean, cool and San Francisco pleasant within another day  —  there is the bright side!!   I do love this city!!

As I said on Friday, today officially launches the beginning of 2012 last quarter.  Lots to do, not the least of which is gearing up for the holiday sales.

Enjoy all today.  Please don’t forget to check the two GUEST POST pages and the INFOGRAPHIC page as well..   These pages will also update with more new posts in the next day or so.



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