10 New Posts, 2 New Guest Posts & 2 New Infographics 10.2.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page highlights today:  marketing and sales, including a look at what the 2012 holiday sales should be,  and KISSmetrics gives us a great post with 44 source links on that magic topic, content  —  and if you are still using the same business model, better read article today from HBR  —  also check out the latest office design craze, no walls and no cubicles, just cool collaboration  —  one of my favorite subjects, neuroscience, and it is helping us to be better leaders; today neuroscience gives us how you make decisions in turbulent times  —  and there was more from Harvard today, tying non-compete to sale of business and a reality check on big data  —  plus there is an article today that I couldn’t resist, The Sexiest CEOs Alive, however, I did not find my name on the list, is yours?

GUEST POST (1) has a new article posted today, Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?  by  Dave Conklin  He is advocating a hybrid!

GUEST POST (2) also has a new article posted today, When Choosing an Accountant  by Katelyn Markham.  Good basic advice.

INFOGRAPHICS  page today has two new infographics, Women in Tech,  with some good stat updates, and Small Business Tools Behaving Badly, which is just plain fun!

As I told you yesterday in my sign off, San Francisco Bay Area is having a heat wave for which we are ill prepared.  Well, what is worse than a one day heat wave?  …… yep, another one today that was even hotter with even chunkier air quality.  However, depending on which weather forecast you choose, much welcome relief is now on the horizon for sometime Wednesday or Thursday when our wonderful sea breeze returns to cool us down and clean the air.   At least it will depending on which microclimate you live in within the Bay Area   ….  we have many microclimates.  Ten miles can mean a 30 degrees difference in temperature.  So, now you know how I feel about hot weather  …   I am sure you were interested??     🙂

Enjoy all the new posts on all pages today!



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