Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Guest Post by  Dave Conklin

Do you like to get in, get it done, and move on, or do you enjoy taking your time and seeing your hard work pay off in stages?

Your answer to this question will help determine which of the following categories you fall into:

  •          Sprinters
  •          Marathon Runners

Each category is a type of entrepreneur, and neither one is any better than the other because both have their benefits and are well-suited to the types of individuals who identify with either type.

Before you decide which type of entrepreneur you are, let me just say this: I am all about playing to your strengths because doing anything less isn’t being totally honest with yourself or those around you. If you are a sprinter, go for it! Run fast, work long hours, and accomplish your goal. Then sit back in satisfaction until it’s time to pick up the torch and do it all over again. If you prefer to run for endurance rather than short-term goals, you might be a marathon runner. You are the dependable blogger, the regular contributor, and the person who sticks around for long-term projects. You get your satisfaction from a job well done just like everyone else, it simply took more time for you to reach that point in your project. In essence, I am urging you to be yourself and identify which type of entrepreneur you are based on how you see yourself, not how you think others see you.

Rather than promoting one type of entrepreneur over the other, I propose an alliance between the two styles. If you are a sprinter, find a marathon runner you can pair up with. Someone to hold down the fort while you’re winding down from your latest project and then while you’re gearing up for the next one. If you’re a marathon runner, find a sprinter who can keep your spirits high and maybe fill in for you every once a while so that you can get some down time. When they work together, these two types of entrepreneurs form a mutually beneficial relationship that just can’t be beaten.

The more I meet with and speak to other entrepreneurs I think that very few of us are entirely one type or the other. While someone might be a marathon runner 90% of the time, there is still that other 10% that they spend sprinting and burning the midnight oil. I think this is very helpful because it slows us to recognize these traits in others and understand their processes better. If a true marathon runner and sprinter met one another face to face and tried to work together it might be difficult for them because neither would really understand the other’s way of thinking. Regardless of how much of your style hails from either side of the divide you can still get a lot of benefit out of a partnership with someone who balances you out.

What you should take away from this is that while there are two distinct types of entrepreneurs, nether type is any better than the other and achieving true greatness and success is much easier with a partner. You don’t have to walk your business path alone if you don’t want to!

Author Bio: The RankPop Team RankPop’s President and co-founder, Dave Conklin, has been in the Internet marketing industry and helping companies with their online strategies since 2000.   www.rankpop.com/  is in the business of making Internet marketing simple and AWESOME!…and affordable. With business growing so rapidly, Dave and his team are excited to be helping other businesses thrive!


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