10 New Posts Today, 10.3.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page features “Innovation is Not Best Practice”, say what?? good read  —  six CEO fundamentals; well, we need at least the fundamentals, right?  —  great article from Wharton on business gamification   —  from Australian School of Business is a post on managing with a growth mindset; good article for entrepreneurs  —  also from Australian School of Business is good read on “showrooming” as we begin our 2012 holiday season  —   from Harvard comes an article on PCAOB “charter” and what is currently in the works  —  more from Harvard Law on M&A  —  the last post today has GREAT information on the top global brands 2012 and the top 100 brands 2012, providing wonderful small business takeaways  —  plus, as always, there is more than just these highlights today, AND also please explore all the other information links and sources from our newsletter (middle column) and RSS links from great business sources with their daily updates (middle column) AND our new GUEST POST (1) and GUEST POST (2) plus INFOGRAPHICS pages (via menu bar at top)  …..  AND not to mention you can search through our over 9,170 post archives.

I am a much happier camper today (see previous two days of sign-off notes).  San Francisco delivered its marine layer again today, dropping the temperature about 30 degrees and clearing the chunky air so that one can breathe now!  I love this city and forgive its rare heat waves and chunky air.   Also, it is Fleet Week in San Francisco.  The sky will soon be full of the Blue Angels practicing for their air shows on Saturday and Sunday.  I never tire of watching them perform … although, the marine layer does need to lift a bit for them to fly.

I hope all is well for you also in whatever is your corner of the world!

Enjoy all content!



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