Innovation ‘is Not Best Practice’

This is from 2011 but a great read and recommended for all leadership and management.   Article does a great job in explaining just why you are having so much difficulty with innovation.

Excerpt:  One of the truly tricky things about innovation is that it is incredibly difficult to really take it seriously. You might not think this if you look at the frankly amazing number of books and articles that have been written on the subject, but you’d be wrong. The problem with innovation is this: Knowledge is about our past, innovation is about our future, and even though we all realize this on some level, the message herein is difficult to keep true to. The reason why it is difficult to take innovation seriously is that we as humans are conditioned and even neurologically programmed to focus on what we know and what we can infer from this. We’ve all gathered a lot of experience and know-how, and it is the natural tendency of the brain to want to utilize this every time we are posed with a new problem. This also leads to the fact that when we’re asked to think of innovation, we retreat into those things we already know, our history and our knowledge, and try to imagine a new world as springing out of this, while the point of innovation should be about breaking with our old frameworks and our history-laden ways.

Read full article via Innovation ‘is not best practice’.  Article via Manchester Business School


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