Test Your Cognitive Skills with Game: Ancient Writing

Need a break this weekend?  Try testing your skills with this game.    Leadership and management.  Your invited to let us know how you scored.

Game Description
Compare ancient writing characters (Egyptian, Maya …) or other writing systems (Japanese, Thai…) and pick out the different characters. 
In this activity, it is critical for you to pay close attention to the characters. You must distinguish a set of characters and memorize them. From a second set of characters, your task will be to figure out which characters were not present in the first set.

Cognitive Function Exercised
In addition to your visual memory, this exercise primarily stimulates your attention, which is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. Further, this task will stimulate your concentration and your visual analysis of the shapes of characters. 
Visual scanning

Play game and test skills here via Ancient Writing.  From Happy Neuron Brain Fitness for Life


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