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Small business how-to  —  read how the big sites LEARNED the difference needed now for attracting readership — these sites are really catering to search engines now and that is a different ballgame.

 Excerpt:  Traditionally, headlines written by journalists have emphasized clever wording. They are meant to grab the reader’s attention, either on the newsstand or while the reader is perusing the pages. Often, they might incorporate a pun, alliteration, or play on an emotion like fear. And, in the early days of online journalism, that’s the way headlines were written. They were clever and clickable. Then, SEOs came onto the scene with bad news: search engines didn’t understand cute plays on words. The SEOs wanted simplicity, relevance, and keywords. A headline, which usually appeared on the page and doubled as the title tag in the code, should clearly state what the article was about.

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