How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace – HBR

I think in most workplaces today, there are the challenges of bringing together inhouse and virtual team members.  This is a good read on how to establish the needed “trust” factor in all team members.

Excerpt:  Teams can’t function well when co-workers don’t trust one another. Building and maintaining trust in the traditional, physical workplace is difficult enough, but the process is even tougher in a virtual environment, where people often have to work with people they haven’t met in person.

Some biologists believe that we are hardwired to distrust everyone except our own family members. Studies have shown, however, that trust can indeed be actively accelerated and maintained on virtual teams even when they have to be assembled on the fly with employees scattered across the globe. According to our research, the following best practices will help:

Read full article via How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace – Keith Ferrazzi – Harvard Business Review.


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