Toolkit 4: Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes

Small business how-to takeaways.   You may download the full toolkit by volume.  There are 3 volumes listed.  Good information and reference.

Excerpt:  The Forum’s fourth toolkit, Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes, provides practical guidance on how consensus-based alternatives to adjudication can help prevent, resolve, and reduce the negative impact of corporate governance disputes and consequently contribute to improving corporate governance practices, strengthening investor confidence, and supporting business continuity.

Governance disputes involve the board’s powers and actions or its failure or refusal to act. The conflicts may arise between the board and its shareholders or between directors and executive management. They may also involve issues among the directors themselves and between the board and other stakeholders.

The toolkit is divided into three volumes. The first volume explores the rationale for applying ADR mechanisms to corporate governance disputes. The second focuses on the implementation and use of corporate governance dispute resolution mechanisms and services. The third reviews the skills required for effectively resolving corporate governance disputes and addresses the training needs of both directors and dispute resolution professionals.

Download 3 volumes here  via Toolkit 4: Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes.  From The International Finance Corporation


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