Rolestorming – Brainstorming Techniques

This is a cool tool for your team group “think and create “sessions.  Brainstorming that eliminates the vulnerabilities for team members.    For all leadership and management

Excerpt:  About the Tool

Rick Griggs developed the Rolestorming method in the early 1980s. Dr Arthur VanGundy then described it in his 2004 book, “101 Activities for Teaching Creativity and Problem-Solving.”

Griggs developed the technique to help people overcome their inhibitions during group brainstorming sessions. The theory is that if you pretend to be someone else, you’ll feel more comfortable putting ideas forward. This is because taking on another role distances you from owning an idea, which helps you speak up.

You can also come up with additional ideas when you look at a problem from someone else’s perspective.

What’s more, Rolestorming is fun, and it’s great for helping team members feel more comfortable sharing ideas with each other. It also builds confidence, because shy or less assertive people feel empowered to speak up.

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