The Role of the Chief Strategy Officer

Interesting read.   Their study indicates all CSO are not created equal — given this is a new C-Suite member, the study gives us what one can expect or need to find in each category.

Excerpt:  From the outset, it was clear that there was a variation in CSO roles, focused on two dimensions. The first dimension was the stage of the strategy process in which the CSO was involved. Our findings identified a significant demarcation between whether the CSO was focused on the formulation of the strategy or the execution of the strategy.

The second dimension of variation was how the CSO engaged in the strategy process. Some CSOs were facilitators, advising business units during the strategy formulation or assisting in the execution. Other CSOs were enactors, far more likely to execute the strategy process by themselves or with their team.

Based on variation in the roles carried out by the CSOs, we have developed a typology of four CSO archetypes.

Read full article via The Role of the Chief Strategy Officer.  From MIT Sloan Management Review


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