How We Finally Made Agile Development Work – HBR

Good read with takeaways for all small business.   Agile needs to be an action or the modifier of actions.   For all leadership and management

Excerpt:  Many software products benefit from a continuous improvement model, and for the teams working on them, increased agility is inevitable. Yet, despite dozens of books on the subject, thousands of eager coaches, and a multitude of software vendors hawking products to make agile development “easier”, many companies struggle to get to a point of true agility #i.e., being agile instead of “doing agile”#.

There are many causes for failed adoption of agile development, but the one that seems to be least often addressed is how people who are comfortable in a waterfall world adapt to this new way of working. For those in some roles — software engineers, for example — the core activity doesn’t change: they continue to write the code. For others, the path is not so clear.

Read full article via How We Finally Made Agile Development Work – Jeff Gothelf – Harvard Business Review.


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