Making Your Ads Viewable Is Only Half The Battle

Great points in the article for all marketing management.    It is a fact that we have all become numbed by the constant “assault” on every page we view on the internet, a large portion of our regular mail is advertisments, email spam even with great efforts to prevent it still delivers a huge amount of pitches  ……   so, yes, we control or eliminate what we can and learn to ignore the rest.  For those paying for the advertising, this means losses and ineffective campaigns

Excerpt:  With online advertising in the throes of a full-fledged panic about ad viewability, marketers are turning to native advertising and branded content as digital Xanax to alleviate their stress. While anxiety about unseen ads is well-founded, this road of what we call “next-gen digital” holds new bumps and curves for marketers to navigate.

It’s a fact that consumers are ignoring ads like never before; banner blindness continues to plague the industry. On top of that, it turns out that even if consumers were paying attention, many ads wouldn’t be “in view”: They’re served below the fold or take more time to load than viewers typically spend on a page.

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