What Could You Accomplish With 1,000 Computers? – HBR

Good read.   I think the article helps to put data in perspective for the rest of us.

Excerpt:  You recently launched Hack/Reduce — a sort of Big Data playground — in collaboration with MIT, Harvard, and other Boston-area universities. What was the inspiration behind it?

Fred Lalonde: We started Hack/Reduce in response to two big barriers to using Big Data. One is scalability. You can’t do Big Data on your laptop. You need 1,000 computers. The second is finding people who have the training, knowledge and expertise to work with Big Data. Even in a city like Boston, with the depth of software talent, there was literally nowhere where people with an idea could boot up enough computing power to try it.

We started with a one-day hack-a-thon and invited people to come over. The premise was you say to geeks: “We’re booting up all the computing power you need to come and do whatever you want.”

Read full article via What Could You Accomplish With 1,000 Computers? – Dana Rousmaniere – Harvard Business Review.


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