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Are you ready for tonight’s debate?   This article will help ready you to better determine the important takeaways.   News  Leadership

Excerpt:  This is not to say that debating is unimportant. Being a good debater requires a mastery of facts and issues, and the ability to put them together in a coherent and convincing manner. It also calls for rapid adaptation of arguments and being fast on your feet, which is a great skill for managers who need to make quick but informed decisions.

At the same time, it’s important to recognize that some amount of successful debating is based on theatrics as opposed to content. Good debaters work on timing, rhetorical flourishes, one-liners, and body language — all of which can overcome weaknesses in messaging. As historian Thomas V. DiBacco pointed out in a recent article presidential debates are often “won” by the best actors or those with the best voices, which is why, for example, Ronald Reagan was so effective.

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