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Good read and in my favorite topics, “why we do what we do”  and “why we are who we are”  🙂    In addition to the examples given in the artice, in my opinion there are many more examples over history.   Following every major shift in the economy, the same fail rate of giants becomes our history.  For all leadership and management with great small business takeaways

Excerpt:  One source of insight may be the field of neuroscience. The study of the brain, particularly within the field of social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience, is starting to provide some underlying insights that can be applied in the real world and, perhaps, increasingly to our understanding of how to better engage human performance and creativity during change.

At the NeuroLeadership Summit, being held in New York this week, a panel discussion with senior executives and experts from The Conference Board, the Association of Change Management Professionals, Change Leaders, and Barnard College will explore the connection between neuroscience and organizational change, understanding how we can effectively deal with the human resistance to change.

Read full article via This is Your Brain on Organizational Change – Walter McFarland – Harvard Business Review.


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