How Much Can Your Employees Get Away With? – HBR

A good read on one way neuroscience study for the leader and manager can help in understanding the behavior or others and making sure our communications are delivering the message we want to deliver.  Recommended for all leadership and management.

Excerpt:  ….. had figured out my “contingency maps”; they had figured out the unwritten if…then logic of my behavior. Regardless of what I said, every student knew what they could get away with and what work they were going to have to do. And this was independent of motivation, or of the power of my rewards and punishments. Some of them loved the work, while some of them didn’t want anything to do with school. But they all tended to not do what they could get away with not doing, in some way or another, that first semester. Now that I have studied neuroscience and psychology, I understand what was happening, and what to do about it.

Unbeknownst to the students, they were using the brains’ powerful ability to recognize patterns and adapt to them. As a leader who is aware of this aspect of brain function, you can learn when you are communicating the wrong message and how to communicate the right one; and thus elicit the employee behaviors and organizational culture you want.

Read full article via How Much Can Your Employees Get Away With? – Josh Davis – Harvard Business Review.


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