Metacognition: The Skill Every Global Leader Needs – HBR

Good read for all leadership and management.  Cognitive skills are becoming mandatory.

Excerpt:  The increasingly international nature of business means leaders need new skills to get the full potential of teams and networks of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. At the NeuroLeadership Summit being held in New York this week, top executives from Citibank, the American Management Association, and American University joined me on a panel to explore these new skills — skills including handling complexity, communicating virtually, and working across cultures.

Key among those is a thinking skill called cultural metacognition. Metacognition simply means thinking about thinking; in this context, thinking about your cultural assumptions. According to our research, if you can gain awareness of your assumptions, you can build trust and take your team beyond cooperating on a task to true creative collaboration.

Read full article via Metacognition: The Skill Every Global Leader Needs – Michael W. Morris – Harvard Business Review.


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