Two Minutes in a Power Pose to Boost Confidence

Recommended read for all leadership and management.  Also you can download the full 6 page report.  There are actually physical changes that can be monitored.

Excerpt:  The feeling of being in control is very powerful. It makes you more confident, and is something others can sense. The same can be said for feeling nervous or intimidated.

Harvard Business School’s Amy Cuddy and Columbia’s Dana Carney recently published research about the effects of body posture. They found that by holding oneself in a “power pose” for as little as two minutes makes people feel measurably more powerful and willing to take risks.

It’s not just in your head. As the chart below shows, holding a power pose actually changes your hormones, increasing testosterone, a hormone that makes you feel dominance, and decreasing cortisol, a stress hormone:

Read full article via Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy’s ‘Power Pose’ Research – Business Insider.


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