Deloitte | Is Outside-In Architecture Right for Your Company

Recommended for all small business with takeaways.   The overview and pros and cons provided by the debate are reference material for your decisions.   Leadership and management information technology and operations.

Excerpt:  Outside-in architecture connects partners, suppliers and other external parties to a company’s ecosystem. While this design is growing in popularity, does the ability to share information with third parties justify the cost of replacing your current centralized architecture?

Recently, increased competition has led some companies to embrace an emerging IT architecture model that supports information sharing among internal and external parties. Advocates of this “outside-in architecture” approach argue that it will soon become an essential element of business results. Yet this notion meets with resistance from companies that have invested heavily over the years in creating and maintaining a traditional, centralized IT architecture. Their reaction is understandable and it raises the question of whether companies should divert resources toward a new architectural model that has yet to mature and demonstrate its longer-term value to the enterprise.

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