10 New Posts Today, 10.19.12 Small Business News to Use

HOME page highlights today:
– table of methods for problem solving and more.
– how to be more creative – this is where ideas come from!
– eCommerce ramping up to meet 2012 Holiday Season.
– body language and facial cues – how to read the other guy.
– equity market structure and self-regulation from Harvard Law.
– business outlook and trends from Harvard Law.
– a fix for financial reporting please.
– plus even more today as usual.

GUEST POST pages 1 and 2 –  each has a new article as of yesterday.

INFOGRAPHICS page –  a new infographic as of yesterday.

Enjoy all!

I just had a potential client tell me they wanted to reorganize it all  …  or as she expressed it, “to put all the ducks in order”.   I like my “ducks in order” also.  I plan to spend some time this weekend to catch up here “putting my ducks in order” after a hectic week.

Everyone everywhere have a great weekend whether you are enjoying rest and relaxation or working a bit as I am.


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