4 Productivity Hacks From Start-up CEOs

For all CEOs, great read.  The tidbits and advice are coming from some of your peers.

Excerpt:  The higher up the chain of command you go, the more balls people are juggling. So forget staring out that corner office window thinking big, strategic thoughts while your underlings insulate you from the chaos. CEOs of the hottest start-ups fret about how to tame the e-mail monster and squeeze a few more checked to-do items into each day.

They use various tricks and tools to get more work done in less time, and a recent discussion thread on Q&A site Quora illuminates exactly how they do it all. One curious poster wondered what tricks CEOs use to hack their productivity, and some surprisingly high-profile folks responded with useful, down-to-earth answers that any founder or business owner could put to use.

Here’s how they weighed in.

Read full article via 4 Productivity Hacks From Start-up CEOs | Inc.com.


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