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Are you about to launch into the search for funding?  Link to the  infographic from AMEX that gives you the basic VC term sheet information and what it means.

Excerpt:  Ready to raise capital? For many new businesses, this can mean approaching venture capitalists for startup funding. And if you’re lucky enough to get them interested, you will be introduced to a term sheet. The term sheet is, in the simplest terms, the contract between investors and companies raising capital. It includes stipulations on who owns how much of the company, the terms under which the investors will supply the capital you need, and who gets what when the company is either sold or taken public. Here we decode the most important parts of the VC term sheet with the help of Jason Mendelson, co-author of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. This is the first step to building a knowledge base to have your funding conversations end on a note where everyone feels they are a part of a fair business deal.

Read full infographic here via The VC Term Sheet Decoded : Managing :: American Express OPEN Forum.


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