An Adaptive Approach to Managing Innovation

Recommended read leadership and management.   Ideas of Axelrod and Cohen as basis of tools.

Excerpt:  It is this author’s view that the gap in management practice, where it exists, results from a mismatch between traditional management methods (command and control) and the unique nature of innovation as a system having non-linear behavior.

This approach makes it possible to build on the ideas of Axelrod and Cohen (2000) regarding complex adaptive systems in general, applying their framework specifically to managing innovation. This permits us to describe the role of managers and specify actions they can take to advance the process. The Axelrod/Cohen framework is evolutionary and has been developed so that improvements can be generated even though every element of a system may not be fully understood and the outcome may not be predictable (a good fit with innovation).

Read introduction and download pdf here via Enterprise innovation articles.  Innovation Tools

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