Traditional Marketing Planning Is Wrong for Your New Venture – HBR

Good read — however, for those with current startups and small businesses if you have not already realized this, you may just be LUCKY to be here.

 Excerpt:  Traditional marketing planning (TMP) activities have been a mainstay for the past four decades, but the theories behind them have limited relevance for new ventures facing extreme uncertainty. The old routine of analyzing existing markets, predicting an optimal outcome, and then designing marketing plans to capture that outcome is too slow and cumbersome for today’s startups.

To be successful, new ventures must eschew these theories and instead rely on effectual marketing planning. This strategy uses a different set of management processes focused on speedy action, learning through failure, and a premeditated approach to market experimentation that creates instant feedback. It can help new ventures be more successful, more informed, and more fully understood.

Read full article via Traditional Marketing Planning Is Wrong for Your New Venture – Peter Whalen and Samuel S. Holloway – Harvard Business Review.


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