Can Business Embed IT?

The expected changes today will have on the IT management of tomorrow.  Good read information technology.

Excerpt:  The successful ones will. We think you’re about to see a bifurcation of IT. At Forrester we’ve been talking about this term business technology for years and years. It’s happening in the world but what it really means is that there will always be a need for a chief infrastructure officer, all the back end, the network the data center, the telecom, that all still has to be managed well. But now we are in an age with digital all around us where we can’t the separate business function and business capability from the underlying technology. The latter embodies the former in many cases now. So you’re likely to see CIOs who are much more business savvy go in a couple of directions. In one case they will start to be leaders of a business group or a business function and take the knowledge they have around technology to help expedite the differentiation they are trying to drive in a particular business function. In the other you’ll see them anointed into a sort of chief technology officer role where they’ll be more responsible for technology development and technology delivery.

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