Develop Perfect Memory With The Memory Palace Technique

Here is a tool to improve your memory for all leadership and management.   I have been fortunate in this department.  Although sometimes I say my memory is both a gift and a curse …. but mostly positive.  I credit my many years of constantly strengthening my memory in my work with many clients and ALL their numbers.  I am frequently called upon to help with an issue that  starts with “do you remember”  ….  I am happy that most of the time, my memory (even for many clients) can exceed the individual client’s memory of THEIR issue.

Excerpt:  The Memory Palace technique is based on the fact that we’re extremely good at remembering places we know. A ‘Memory Palace’ is a metaphor for any well-known place that you’re able to easily visualize. It can be the inside of your home, or maybe the route you take every day to work. That familiar place will be your guide to store and recall any kind of information. Let’s see how it works.

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  1. I’ve only heard about the “Memory Palace” technique and frankly I thought it was pretty hard, but the explanation and the step by step guide make it very easy to understand and comprehend. Thanks!