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Top 10 B-School Professors in the World

Small business of-interest news.  You might also note their published works for good reads.

Excerpt:  This year’s top B-school teachers hail from schools all over the world and have managed to extend their influence way beyond the classroom. Here’s Poets&Quants’ ranking of the best of the best in business school education.

Read slides here via Top 10 B-school professors in the world – Jeremy Siegel (1) – FORTUNE.

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The Best Debater May Not Be the Best Leader – HBR

Are you ready for tonight’s debate?   This article will help ready you to better determine the important takeaways.   News  Leadership

Excerpt:  This is not to say that debating is unimportant. Being a good debater requires a mastery of facts and issues, and the ability to put them together in a coherent and convincing manner. It also calls for rapid adaptation of arguments and being fast on your feet, which is a great skill for managers who need to make quick but informed decisions.

At the same time, it’s important to recognize that some amount of successful debating is based on theatrics as opposed to content. Good debaters work on timing, rhetorical flourishes, one-liners, and body language — all of which can overcome weaknesses in messaging. As historian Thomas V. DiBacco pointed out in a recent article presidential debates are often “won” by the best actors or those with the best voices, which is why, for example, Ronald Reagan was so effective.

Read full article via The Best Debater May Not Be the Best Leader – Ron Ashkenas – Harvard Business Review.

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Doctors are a Broken Record We Don’t Comprehend >80% of the Time

Interesting article on our future of healthcare?  —  some pioneers already adopting the new.  What do you think?   News

Excerpt:   As both the private and public sector aggressively shift healthcare incentives from a “do more, bill more” to a value and outcome based model, healthcare providers ignore patients role in driving outcomes at their own peril

Read full article via Doctors are a Broken Record We Don’t Comprehend >80% of the Time – Forbes.

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The Influence Game (Infographic)


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Funny Signs from Around the World

Okay, this is not directly useful for your daily challenges —  except that nothing beats laughter.  Some of these signs in the 33 slides are REALLY funny!  If you have some time, do take a look!  Miscellaneous news and humor

Excerpt:   Sometimes the humor comes in the use (or lack) of questionable punctuation, such as one sign that reads caution pedestrians slippery when wet. A couple of commas would clarify that it is not, in fact, the pedestrians that are slippery when wet. (We hope.)

Others are intentionally funny, like one posted to deter would-be parking violators from taking a reserved spot: air will be taken out of tires and license plates removed from unauthorized parkers. If that doesn’t stop you, nothing will. In Beijing, meanwhile, a road sign shows friendly, cartoon-like cops and suggests that traffic tickets will be served with a smile.

Check out the slides pictures of funny signs via Funny Signs from Around the World – Articles | Travel + Leisure.

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MRI Reveals Brain’s Response to Reading

Hey guys look at this!   Considering how much I (in fact, all of us these days)  read, this is damn good news, yes?

Excerpt:   Critical reading of humanities-oriented texts are recognized for fostering analytical thought, but if such results hold across subjects, Phillips says it would suggest “it’s not only what we read—but thinking rigorously about it that’s of value, and that literary study provides a truly valuable exercise of people’s brains.”

Read full article via – MRI reveals brain’s response to reading.

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How Virtual Avatars Could Disrupt Politics | Endless Innovation

Okay, guys, here is food for thought — and the possibilities, not just politics (that being scary enough BTW)   —  try projecting the uses.   Small business and news

Excerpt:  So where will all this AI cognitive video regeneration stuff end? Here’s a scenario: imagine a virtual newscaster avatar from MSNBC interviewing a virtual political avatar from the Democratic Party, who is talking about her recent debate with a hologram of the current Republican candidate. Will you ever be able to trust anyone in politics ever again? Instead of taglines like “Fair and Balanced,” the major cable news networks may need to add another disclaimer, “100% real. No virtual avatars or holograms, ever.”

Read full article via How Virtual Avatars Could Disrupt Politics | Endless Innovation | Big Think.

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‘Biohybrid’ Solar Cell Runs on Spinach Power

This is just one of those of-interest articles that was noted thanks to Guy Kawasaki pointing it out on his Holy Kaw site.       And, who can resist the:  who knew, Popeye had it right all along!   News

Excerpt:  VANDERBILT (US) — Scientists have combined spinach’s photosynthetic protein, which converts light into electrochemical energy, with silicon in a new “biohybrid” solar cell

Read full article via – ‘Biohybrid’ solar cell runs on spinach power.

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Siri’s Founder Dag Kittlaus Predicts The Next Big Things

Small business of-interest news  — perhaps it will also trigger ideas in the heads of other entrepreneurs.

Excerpt:  Recently, I had lunch with Dag Kittlaus – one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. I believe he will be the biggest rainmaker of this millenium. Why you may ask. Personalization is defining marketplace trends and start-ups are pushing this as a core differentiator. Everyone wants to cut through the clutter and create some form of expertise or personalized assistance. He played a huge role in the first steps by commercializing the first form of a virtual assistant – Siri.

Read full article via Siri’s Founder Dag Kittlaus Predicts The Next Big Things – Forbes.

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MIT Crowdsourcing Algorithm Competes With Google Search

Small business need-to-know and news-to-watch.

Excerpt:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a method to aggregate and organize fragmented information from across the Web, something Google has been working on for years  through a project called Knowledge Graph. MIT Sloan Professor Cynthia Rudin and colleagues Benjamin Letham and Katherine Heller developed the crowdsourcing algorithm to aggregate and process big data across Web sites, blogs and social sites, as well as automate the continuous cycle of entering a keyword to query information. Rubin said the algorithm competes directly with a Google product called Google Sets.

Read full article via MediaPost Publications MIT Crowdsourcing Algorithm Competes With Google Search 08/24/2012.

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Artificial Super-Brain Hooked on Net Cats

Please tell me someone else finds this funny!!   First, imagine a created superbrain, and then, its first response is hooked on Internet cats!    Social media Google news.

Excerpt: The world’s first artificial neural network has spent its first days of existence doing the same thing as millions of bored office workers… looking at cats on the internet.

Read full article…..via Artificial super-brain hooked on net cats – National – NZ Herald News.


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Subscribe to the FATCA News and Information List

Need to keep up to date on the latest FATCA ……the IRS is offering a subscription to news updates here.  News

Excerpt……..Prepared by the Large Business and International division (LB&I), the FATCA News and Information list provides information on the latest IRS news, guidance, regulations and other public information related to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) including information that affects:

Individuals with foreign accounts
Foreign financial institutions registration, reporting and withholding requirements
Non-Financial Foreign Entities
Tax and compliance professionals interested in the implementation and requirements of FATCA

Subscribe to news updates from IRS on FATCA here…….via Subscribe to the FATCA News and Information List.  From IRS

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Golden Gate Bridge History in Photos

Our San Francisco California Golden Gate Bridge turned 75 today and the celebrations were many……..  San Francisco is a great city and the Golden Gate Bridge is one of many firsts and awesome “things” we boast and celebrate.  News

Excerpt…….On May 27, to great fanfare, the Golden Gate Bridge will turn 75. For years the bridge has been an iconic image of the Bay Area, but when it was proposed in 1916 it met fierce resistance from a a variety of sources including the Department of War, the Southern Pacific Railroad and ferry union workers. But six counties decided to foot the $35 million cost, an astronomical sum during the Great Depression, to build the world’s longest suspension bridge at the time.

See photos and read notes here…….via Golden Gate Bridge History in Photos | KQED News Fix.

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Steve Jobs Honored in Star-Studded Webbys Tribute [VIDEO]

News…… Webby Awards.

Excerpt…..Steve Jobs may have built Apple into the world’s most valuable technology company in part by betting against the web. But global celebrities and some of the Internet’s brightest stars joined together to create a heartfelt tribute video honoring the legendary entrepreneur during Monday night’s Webby Awards in New York City.

Read intro and see video here……via Steve Jobs Honored in Star-Studded Webbys Tribute [VIDEO].  From Mashable

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Physicians Leveraging Social Media to Educate Patients

Interesting ……..physicians using social media personally or within their specific field community I was well aware of…….however, did not know of physicians venturing out into social media interaction with patients……   news of-interest.

Excerpt…….This article appears in the April 2012 issue of Healthcare Marketing Advisor.

Many physicians are still hesitant about using social media in their professional lives. Concerns range from time commitment, liability, patient privacy, and unfamiliarity with the technology, to the appropriateness of social media interactions in a professional setting.

According to a study by QuantiaMD, 87% of physicians use at least one social media site for personal use, but only 67% use at least one social ­media site professionally. Of those physicians who use social media professionally, the plurality (28%) are participating in physician communities.

When it comes to sites that ­encourage patient-physician interaction, the percentage of physicians on those sites drops significantly. For example, only 15% of physicians are on Facebook professionally, 8% use YouTube, 8% read blogs, 3% use Twitter, and 3% are involved in patient communities.

But physicians should know that social media sites are not just a healthcare marketing or recruitment tool. They can also help educate and engage patients—and physicians play a vital role in those conversations.

Read full multi page article…via Physicians Leveraging Social Media to Educate Patients.  From Health Leaders Media


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