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Tech Tools for Easy Accounting : AMEX

Interviewee’s prediction of what our future holds  —   I think probably a lot of truth here, but would nevertheless venture that the consumer is going to be steps ahead of the accounting industry in adoption of some of these — the accounting industry is governed by compliance regulations and other strictures that make on-the-fly accounting a bit scary at best.

  Excerpt:  “As I look around at new innovations, new venture capital investments and new successes in the market,” Sleeter says, “I’m becoming more and more convinced that over the next few years there will be significant changes for those of us in the business of accounting software consulting (or teaching), bookkeeping, accounting, or tax preparation,”

Read full article via Tech Tools for Easy Accounting : Money :: American Express OPEN Forum.

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Bookkeeping Billing Rates Region-by-Region

Want to know, by region, what your bookkeeping and related are probably going to cost you….here are charts from the various regions, with the mean averages.   Accounting, bookkeeping and human resources

Excerpt introduction…New data from Intuit’s biennial bookkeeping rates survey is showing huge disparities from region to region and city to suburb.

The highest rates, for instance, can be found for “general business consulting” in the East Coast and Atlantic states, at $138 per hour.

Read full stats here……via Bookkeeping Billing Rates Region-by-Region – CPA Trendlines.

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