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7 Ways to Make Customers Love You

Here is a short article with great reminders for all of us in small business.   I have to agree there is almost nothing more rewarding than having a customer who loves working with you!   I do, however, have to disagree with number 5 in this list —  I am, by trade, a solution provider, so, of course, solving a customer’s problems is what I do, limited only by what I am able to do by knowledge, experience and expertise.

Excerpt:  The greatest compliment anyone can receive in the business world is “I just love working with you.” That’s especially true when that compliment comes from customers, because it means that you’ll be getting their business time and time again.

Here are the seven rules for getting customers to love working with you, based upon conversations with Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the The Sales Bible and Dr. Earl Taylor, master trainer at Dale Carnegie:

Read full short article via 7 Ways to Make Customers Love You | Inc.com.

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Customer Experience Should Be Part of Your Business – HBR

More great takeaways from HBR this morning.   The obvious changes to customer facing portals is important but until you can know and address the basic underlying values that need to be improved just a face fix won’t work.  CRM

Excerpt:  What’s the best way to optimize your customer experience? Why not fix it where it happens? Improve the experience on your website. Improve the experience in your retail locations or call centers. This strategy makes perfect sense, and it aligns nicely with the way your company is probably organized — with the website, retail locations, and contact centers each in their neat little silo.

But based on our research, this natural strategy doesn’t work because it lacks any understanding of the larger, cross-channel journeys that your customers take

Read full article via Customer Experience Should Be Part of Your Business – Harley Manning – Harvard Business Review.


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Do Companies Prioritize Their Customers? – How to make a real living online with affiliate marketing.

A no nonsense article with very good points…..

Excerpt……I bet 99.99% of you think you make your customers a priority. But you may not realize what genuinely caring means.

Read full article……..via Do Companies Prioritize Their Customers? – How to make a real living online with affiliate marketing..  From Affiliate Internet Marketing

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