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Deloitte | Retail & Distribution

For everyone in the holiday sales arena, particularly all of our retail small businesses.

Articles Included – Insights

No debate here — shoppers’ spirits are brighterDeloitte’s 2012 annual holiday survey: Omnichannel shoppers to spend 71 percent more on gifts than store-only shoppers.

Mobile retailing: Are you ready for radical change? Mobile technology is affecting many parts of a retailer’s business: from inventory management to cross-channel integration, talent recruitment, and more. This report outlines seven important mobile retailing implications that are emerging as universal.

Retail global expansion For retailers, entering new foreign markets is not as simple as signing a lease and opening the doors. Deloitte examines three primary market-entry methods, franchising, joint venture and owned expansion, and explores the potential trade-offs that each model presents.

The dawn of mobile influence Mobile is having a major impact on store-based sales and its influence is increasing. Deloitte examines the current and potential future effect of mobile on traditional in-store sales.

Pricing from ahead: Helping retailers win in the age of the connected consumerAccess to information through digital technology has changed the tide in retail. How might retailers build an effective pricing strategy to address today’s connected consumer and achieve positive business results?

Check out the articles on November update via Deloitte | Retail & Distribution.

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6 Turnkey Tools for Content Distribution

More on marketing content today…..this article addresses distribution and audience……what good is content if no one reads it?

Excerpt…….Today, the scarce resource in the publishing world is not infrastructure; it’s audience. To compete for reader attention, bloggers are finding they not only have to produce better content, they also have to figure out a way to get it in front of people.

Read full article……via 6 Turnkey Tools for Content Distribution.  From Mashable

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