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The Crisis in Higher Education

If you don’t know what MOOC stands for —  read this article for a great look at what’s new and exciting in the field of education for everyone  —  attainable for everyone  —

Excerpt:  Rise of the MOOCs

“I had no clue what I was doing,” ­Sebastian Thrun says with a chuckle, as he recalls his decision last year to offer Stanford’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course free online. The 45-year-old robotics expert had a hunch that the class, which typically enrolls a couple of hundred undergraduates, would prove a draw on the Net. After all, he and his co-professor, Peter Norvig, were both Silicon Valley stars, holding top research posts at Google in addition to teaching at Stanford. But while Thrun imagined that enrollment might reach 10,000 students, the actual number turned out to be more than an order of magnitude higher. When the class began, in October 2011, some 160,000 people had signed up.

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