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Sell More with Smarter Trade Promotions – HBR

For all product brick and mortar as well as ecommerce.  Great read.  Are you currently using trade promotion?  My guess is yes; in order to stay competitive, it is demanded of you.   However, there is a right way and a loss way.  Make sure you are in the right way and in the gain results column.  Sales

Excerpt: Unfortunately, a major Nielsen study last year showed that 55% of trade promotion dollars fail to grow the brand and the category for both the manufacturer and the retailer. Both parties want to get out of that box, but the question is: How?

Avoiding the pitfalls in trade promotion negotiations requires bringing the right tools. First, you need microscopes, not telescopes, to build your fact-base. Often times the data is too high-level and the analysis needs to be much more detailed — often at the SKU level, by store, and with weekly data

Read full article via Sell More with Smarter Trade Promotions – Eddie Yoon – Harvard Business Review.

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