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‘Micro’ Management
for ‘Macro’ Benefits

by James Harrison

Every business-owner faces the challenge of building and managing a team. Half the battle is won, once you find the right people for your team. It becomes completely your responsibility to manage your team once you find the right people. There are several techniques that can help you manage your team in the best possible manner.

Micromanagement is one such team management technique that helps employers observe and supervise their team. It can also be referred to as the ‘micro’ aspect of management. It is all about day-to-day management that helps in keeping the team on track. Some advantages of implementing micromanagement in your business include:

1.      Development Of Employee Skills: Once you’re observing and controlling certain aspects of your employees’ jobs, you can help them develop particular skills and utilize their potential to the fullest.

2.      Promote Accountability Within The Team: You can easily instill a sense of responsibility within the team and help in building mutual trust and respect.

3.      Measure Progress: Micromanagement of your team can help you measure the progress of your team as a whole and help reap greater profits too.

4.      Set Up Deadlines And Stay Connected With Projects: Once you’re micromanaging your employees, you can remain aware of individual statuses of projects. This helps you remain connected with your project status. You can even have changes administered at initial levels and even keep deadlines for your projects.

5.      Bond With Employees: Micromanagement can also help you bond with your employees in a better way. You can help them understand their own career aspirations. Using micromanagement in the right way can also help you ascertain that your team is happy and fully utilized.

Micromanagement can hence, help you enhance productivity of the team as a whole. It is a mutually beneficent way of managing the team, where the employees can understand their roles and capabilities in the best possible manner.

Micromanagement is known to help managers forge extremely strong and good bonds with their employees. Some of these relationships have been so strong that these employees have gone out of their ways to assist their employers during bad times, business moves and some of them have even helped businesses thrive during the difficult economic times.

When micromanagement becomes mismanagement?
Sometimes, micro-managers may supervise beyond a reasonable point. This can have detrimental effects on employee morale, and make employees less productive. It can even make it harder for you to do your own job, if you spend too much time supervising your own team. Studies by Journal of Experimental Psychology have shown that being continuously watched over by managers can distract workers and hinder their working memory too. It can also divert their attention from the relevant task s at hand in such a way that they are unable to complete their tasks.

How to use micromanagement to your advantage?
Most people remain apprehensive about holding employees accountable to their assigned tasks without micromanaging. You can simply not avoid micromanaging your employees. It is however, possible to micromanage your employees without hindering their progress and productivity. Some points to remember while micromanaging your employees are:

1.      Customize Individual Jobs: Research has shown that most employees with diverse jobs have always benefited from personalization. This helped most employees see themselves playing an important role in the organization. It is a great motivation for anybody, and helps enhance productivity. Remember to avoid controlling all the aspects of your employee’s job, and make it a point to accredit the employee for good work with timely appreciation.

2.      Do Not Empower People: Instead of empowering your employees, foster autonomy by adding to the total amount of power available to do work. Recognize and support every individual’s discretion and control in deciding how to do the work. By helping your employees take up individual ownership of their jobs, you can ensure that they feel more stimulated and engaged. This will also help ensure that your employees feel less suffocated by managerial attention.

Make sure you work on your own time allocation. Having a different approach to juggling between leadership, production and administrative duties will help you deliver the best results and exalted productivity.

Author Bio:   James Harrison works as freelance writer. He regularly contributes write ups to business websites and blogs with most of his writings based on tips for small business setups, office moves and marketing techniques. In his free time he plays sports mainly soccer and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and traveling.



 Why Trade Shows are Still Important to a Business

Guest Post

Trade shows are an important way for many businesses to boost their marketing efforts, reach vast audiences and improve sales. Regardless of what industry you work in, they are a vital tool for any company to influence prospective customers and progress revenue.

You can enhance your firm’s status by exhibiting at a trade show and here are 6 key reasons why you should consider displaying your products or services at a local exhibition:

  • Professional platform
    Anyone who is serious in the industry will be at the event so if you want your business to improve its reputation as a professional contender, you need to attend. It is a great way to scope out your competition and evaluate their products/services! Maybe you can learn something to improve how your own firm works?
  • Wider audience
    The fact of the matter is trade shows can give you the platform to reach wide audiences and boost your presence in the industry. Thousands of people visit such events so imagine the limitless possibilities? You wouldn’t get the same opportunity anywhere else.
  • Evolution of needs
    Nowadays, more and more people utilise the internet and it is vital for any business to succeed to have a presence online. Society’s needs have evolved and this is heightened more so with the help of social media. Integrate this into your marketing by talking about the event and sharing news and information on the World Wide Web. Tweet about the show’s guest speakers, interact on Facebook and post pictures on Flicr.
  • New prospects
    The potential of new business is outstanding at exhibitions; you can introduce new products/services, gather leads and build relationships that could turn into project work in the future. The opportunity to score new contracts and win work is vast- you would be unwise not to take advantage of such a break.
  • Extra press
    Online PR is a fundamental marketing tool for many firms across the world and when delivered correctly with further techniques like social media and search engine optimisation (SEO), it can boost your promotional efforts. Attending trade shows offers a business extra press and media attention and this is hugely beneficial to control the online perception of your business.
  • Research
    Various surveys and studies have proven how helpful tradeshows can be. Findings published by Trade Show Teacher reveal that 86% of people believe that trade shows help their company make buying decisions; almost 90% admit it helps them to stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments and trends; and 88% confessed that it saves time by bringing all vendors under the same roof at the same time.

Furthermore, 62% say they save money because all the vendors are in the same place at the same time; and 84% like the fact that they have an opportunity to discuss ideas or problems with other industry professionals. You can speak to them and get advice- after all, everyone is in the same boat!

This article was written by Display Wizard, the UK specialists in display stands and banners for exhibitions and events. Find out more here on how the leading experts can help to boost your marketing efforts at a local trade show and check out the extensive collection of exhibition solutions today. 


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